We’ve all been through it. Some d*ckhead sends out a group chat and then it’s a bunch of annoying replies followed by annoying requests to be taken off the group chat…and then, after all that, when you least expect it…*text message alert

Literally hell.

Now there’s an app available like an angel pulling you up from the fiery depths of group chat. It’s called GroupXit¬†and it allows you to remove yourself or message participants from a group message thread with a simple swipe. Also, it’s free to download and use for six exits and then you have to pay two dollars. Son, two dollars for salvation?! Sign me up and watch me levitate.

Here’s the bad news (of course, there’s bad news).

It’s only available for Android…but fret not, an Apple version is coming. Hollup, let me just reassure myself..The Apple version is coming, stop crying, thought you was grown man.

[via gizmodo]

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