A lot of Asians complain about the negative stereotypes in media and that’s where it stops. That’s why real life hero Jeff Yang, Wall Street Journal columnist and editor of Shattered, is putting together a day full of panels and talks to break the shit down and see how we can move forward.
On March 23, we’re organizing “BEYOND THE BAD AND THE UGLY” — the first-ever Asian American summit on stereotypes, at Los Angeles’s Japanese American National Museum. We’ll be bringing together an amazing group of Asian American artists, academics, advocates and critics for a candid discussion of negative and distorted images of Asians in U.S. popular culture — and how to address, erase or subvert them.

I mean, they got everybody from writers to directors but they also invited cats like pornstar Keni Styles. And if you peep the schedule, it’s all the essentials from sexuality to ‘when is it okay to laugh’. Shit is real. So if you’re in Cali, you’d better go check that out. For the rest of us…


…we’ve launched this Kickstarter to underwrite the cost of hiring videographers to shoot, edit and upload all of the sessions at “Beyond the Bad and the Ugly” to the Internet for free viewing by anyone, forever

$7500 isn’t a lot of money (well, it kinda is), but “Beyond the Bad and the Ugly”‘s organizers, Wall Street Journal Online columnist Jeff Yang and his fellow editors of the groundbreaking Asian American comics anthology SHATTERED, have put the summit together out of their own pockets. Your support of this Kickstarter at any level will make it possible for this amazing event to live on long after it’s over. And who knows? It might inspire us to put on another one…next year.


I’d suggest pitching in like $10-25 at least and consider it a ticket. But if you got it like that, try to make it rain on indiegogo. These dudes is coming out of pocket for this and I doubt they’re making any money on some progress over profit. Jyeah. Here’s that link one last time, pow!


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  • Bijutsu

    I hope someone is able to cover this. Came just in time for my research paper!


      They met their indiegogo goal so there will be video coverage. Not sure when…