Almost half a millie off one fish (the giant yellow croaker or Chinese Bahaba).

After several bids, he was able to sell the fish at 17,081 RMB per pound, for a total of almost three million RMB (roughly US$472,091).

The fisherman said that he saw the 176-pound fish just floating on the sea’s surface and “picked it up.”

Just floating on the sea’s surface huh? Yo, I don’t want to sound all crazy-man-in-a-hat, but I’m pretty sure this was a magic fish. And now the fisherman is going to learn an incredible life lesson. Kinda like some John Steinbeck The Pearl shit, but even more magical because the fish looks into the fisherman’s eyes and says to him, “Ha! Between us, and this line, we are both caught” and then it winks, and the fisherman isn’t sure what just happened.

Uh, anyway, that’s a lot of money for a fish!

[via weirdasianews]