Damn, this shit is unfortunate. Some freshman from Baruch College died after attending a Pi Delta Psi trip to the Poconos. Apparently, there’s a game called Glass Ceiling where pledges carry heavy objects while they get tackled. Chun Hsien Deng didn’t make it.

Although I never joined a frat, I’m not like other folks who are going to use this as an opportunity to criticize greek life. I know a lot of frat dudes and it seems like mostly a good time. Also, let’s face it. Guys do dumb shit. While I was in school, my boy copped a serious concussion trying to snowboard off something and some kid even lost his life from a friendly boxing match. This type of shit happens, not often, but it happens and you never see it coming. With that said, holy shit, calm the fuck down sometimes. Or if you fuck up, don’t wait ‘after some time’ before you get your boy some medical attention.

He suffered the injury early Sunday, according to the statement. He proved unresponsive, and “after some time” fraternity members took him to the emergency room of a hospital in Wilkes-Barre. He was placed on life support and died on Monday. The police and the district attorney are investigating the death, as well as the lapse of time between the injury and when Mr. Deng was taken to the hospital, Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center.


I used to go to Baruch college and I even went to the same high school as him, Bronx Science. So, I never met this kid but I can pretty much guess where he was coming from. I’m not in any position to say what I think should happen from here on out with the people involved. All I can say is I hope we all learn something from this and his family finds peace. RIP.

[via nytimes]

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