Honestly, I don’t remember much. Started drinking way too early in the evening and then went too hard right before and right when I got there. I do remember dancing to a lot of great music. And then hours later, I started to regain consciousness and ordered mad food through seamless and then passed out again. Shout out to the delivery guy who left the food on the door handle. Definitely one of those nights where you just remember having fun and not much else lol.

DOPE recap, I know. But thank God for pictures. I’m in the last flick with the New Yorker hat with the homies Leonard, Chops, J-Encite, and Catzie. I don’t remember posing for that one. My eyes are open.

Big shout out to Freebase for letting us take part in a legendary night. Do check out their site for more photos.

Photo credits go to RD Tanseco and Jon Delatorre.














Shout out to the rest of the people involved, especially the DJs who killedddd it:

The Couch Sessions:
Forever Fresh @TheGreatHustler
Raised By Wolves @RBWNYC
A Lesser Evil @ALesserEvil
Chief Barber Shop @ChiefBarberShop
Greater Goods & Co. @GGandC
Mitts & Mayor @M_MITTSandMAYOR @TheMitts

@DJNeilArmstrong @CosmoBaker @UnkleChip @Donwill @Vonpea

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