Back in high school, my friends and I used to hang out at the net cafes almost every day. We really liked kickin’ it there to play some counterstrike or just loiter for hours on end, and return the next day for more of the same. We had nothing on this guy.

According to the message boards and verified by Tencent, Wang has been sitting at the number 76 machine for over two months. He eats, sleeps, and lives within the cafe. Supposedly over the course of his stay (reports say that he’s still at the cafe now), Wang hasn’t changed his clothes or taken a shower, and he’s starting to reek because he’s been too busy “training for gold”. Wang’s apparent stench has been driving other players away from his vicinity.

Training for gold? I know that sweat stains can turn yellow after a while.

Tencent reports that the true purpose of Wang’s stay at the net cafe is more than just “training for gold” but instead gold farming. It appears that Wang is a Chinese gold farmer, he plays online multiplayer games and collects gold and equipment for lazy players in exchange for real world cash.

When questioned by the reporter whether or not Wang was worried about his health, overall well-being and if he was worried if his stench was affecting nearby players, Wang replied,”I don’t know you. Go Away”.

My feelings on this whole thing:

[via kotaku]

  • Hassan Fuckry (@DLYDJ)

    The computer hasn’t melted yet?!