Have you ever felt like your chopsticks were getting dirty every time you set them down? Well, somebody decided they REALLY weren’t into it.

Created by Mikiya Kobayashi, the chopsticks feature a clever angled design at the tip so when not in use the end that touches your food never comes into contact with the table. It’s a brilliantly simple improvement to the chopstick design that unfortunately also seems easy to copy. So even though they’re $15 a pair, it’s probably best to buy the real deal to support the clever designer who came up with the idea—before ripoffs show up in every restaurant from here to Roppongi.

Gift idea for your germaphobe homies? By the way, have you ever seen kids at McDonald’s who dip their food into condiments they squirted onto their tray? NOW WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

[via gizmodo via emmohome via fancy]