It’s been a couple of years since Yuna Kim wowed the world with her figure skating and snagged that gold medal. She’s grown up now (21) and looks like she’s found a new gig.

Better known as the Queen of Ice, Yuna Kim is a perfect candidate for Hite Beer’s renewal product: Hite Ice Point. Hite Ice Point keeps the original process of creating the beer at zero degrees Celsius by using the Ice Point Filtration System. This system ensures a high quality beer known for its fresh, clean, and cool taste. Following the ‘Ice Point’ concept, Hite Beer’s new CF (commercial film) will be themed around figure skating and Yuna Kim will be doing the ‘Ice Point Dance.’ This will be Yuna’s first ever alcohol endorsement and it definitely fits her image: fresh and cool like Hite Beer!

Don’t get mad at Yuna, an athelete and role model to little girls, for endorsing alcoholic beverages. She’s grown and she’s lived under enough pressure from society. Also, she looks mad cute in these commercials. Damn, I want to marry with her so bad. Props to Duck Sauce for getting their track “Barbara Streisand” in there as well.

[via 8asians]

  • http://Website chad ocho

    damm my future wife right there

  • http://Website jen

    she ice cold!

  • Dave

    Tarnish her image? IMPOSSIBLE