The entertainment industry is trying to cash in on that Asian money and a distinguished hitmaker like Patrice Wilson, creator of Rebecca┬áRebecca Black’s “Friday” and “Chinese Food” is no different. Here is his latest masterpiece, “Get In My Car”, featuring 10-year old Grace Liu with the wild Spiderman hand gestures.

Yeah, that shit was turnt the fuck up. Like, that section of the plane was a couple levels above first class.

Patrice Wilson really outdid himself on here, throwing in allll the mad random concepts like the chiddy bang flying car and using DoReMi (that wasn’t Mandarin, ya’ll). I want to know who the Chinese rapper was too (her dad?) because dude had bars, flipped it in spoken word at the beginning and then he snapped into a Puff Daddy and Mase formation with Patrice Wilson hisself.

[via angryasianman]


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