The people behind the GTA series has been teasing us with beautiful movie-like trailers but now they’re finally introducing us to the main characters of the game..

[youtube id=”Bf38HiYPMiI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The Michael storyline looked incredible. Dude’s like a rich Al Bundy. Same look of disgust and unhappiness in his life lol. And then they introduce Franklin to the tunes of Young Jeezy. In my head, I’m just like ‘Michael who?’, I wanna play what’s basically an extended Dr. Dre music video, strippers and everything. But then they save the best for last, Trevor. It was like two levels of not giving a fuck but kinda giving a fuck and then the third dude just shows up with the ill armpit stained outfits. Damn, I can’t wait to play when it drops September 17th.

[via illroots]

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  • publicanon

    my A.D.D is too severe to go through any stories… Trevor seems to be right for me. just start the game wreaking chaos and cap a few popo.


      ha yessir