The Mountain Brothers are the best Asian American rap group ever. Like, ever. They could hang with all the best artists out at the time (no asian bias) and if they put their 1999 self-titled debut today, the shit still sound crazy! But after their sophomore album, the trio broke a lot of fans’ (which definitely includes all your favorite Asian-Am rappers of today, ask em!) hearts and disbanded, with members Styles Infinite and Peril-L pursuing medical careers and Chops focusing more on production (you might’ve heard his last song “Creep” by The Lonely Island featuring Nicki Minaj).

So when I seen this, I fell out my chair. (Click image to enlarge if you have trouble reading it)

Is this a new song or a new album? We’ll find out! But for now, fuck a “like”, I started a mothafuckin’ online petition. We need this music!


If you’ve never heard their music, here’s a nice introduction and if you’re a longtime fan, spread the word!