Imagine you at a corporate event and you met this dude with the solid flat top. AND THEN HE HANDS YOU THIS?!?


My dude said “China Earthquake Rescue Hero” and followed that up with “Most Well-Known and Beloved Chinese Role Model”. That’s like two finishing blows and you ain’t even halfway through the list yet. Honestly, as I went down the list, I felt like I was physically climbing a mountain of achievements and by the time I got to the last thing “CHINA’S FOREMOST ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION DEMOLITION EXPERT”, I could envision this guy reaching down with an open hand just as I’m about to give up, and we look out at the world together on the summit of greatness and human potential. This is Chinese millionaire Guangbiao Chen, the man who wants to buy the New York Times for a billion. Greatest business card ever.

[via businessinsider]

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