It’s been a long time coming for us to do a list like this. But yo, here it is! A guide to the hottest women on Instagram. Other sites have come up with their lists but yo, we coming with the recap of each Instagram account, breaking down what to expect and why you should follow. Also, this thing is separated into categories AND in alphabetical order. Next level shit, son.

Definitely couldn’t come up with this list on our own, so we teamed up with folks over at Real Asian Babes, a Tumblr that evolved into a Facebook page with over 600,000 likes in less than a year (!). The list separates into four categories that will be updated every week until the end of the year. First, we’ll be dropping the models (self-explanatory), the models part two (more of the same), the girl next door (yes, think Tumblr Tuesdays), and creative (youtubers, artists, etc).

Also, wanted to mention that we didn’t include some girls who definitely deserved to be on here because their accounts were on private. Gotta respect that. Other glaring omissions (according to you) were made possible by the fact that it’s just impossible to know every cute girl on Instagram. So, we need you to let us know who we missed in the comment section or by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram. We got more lists on the way.

Before you continue on, remember to follow Real Asian Babes on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. Also, definitely show the ladies love by following them on Instagram, liking their flicks, and let them know who put you on!

The Models (pg 2-3)The Models Pt 2 (pg 4-5)Girl Next Door (pg 6), Creative (pg 7-8)

photo credit: ashley vee

  • whatever

    so….all the hottest girls are asian? seems a bit closed-minded and actually a bit racist


      get your smart dumb mothafucker ass tha fuck outta here with that bullshit. this is an Asian lifestyle site.

    • C

      It’s funny because the description on this post does include “A guide to the hottest Asian women on Instagram”

      • GUMSHIP

        word, fixed

  • DefinitelyNot

    Should rename this to 120 women you’ll never date because you have no money.

  • Guest

    This should be renamed to, “120 hottest women that you’ll never date, because you have no money.”


      lol why you mad tho

  • chenon




  • Smeezy

    Can’t believe Olivia Sui isn’t on this list. She hella pretty and hella funny. Her beauty and her self-confidence to be goofy and not give a fuck is straight up sexy as fuck. At least you got Liane V. on there. Solid list though – good job.


      Never heard of her. But she’s great and definitely deserves some shine. We’ll keep her in mind for the next one.

  • Cyre

    Just out of curiosity, man, does Asian only qualify only as East Asian or are the other types of Asian just unattractive?


      Yo, that’s a valid point. To create lists like these, we mostly go off of the most popular women on the scene and the posts from ‘hot asian’ instagram/tumblr/sites. We also look at other lists and ask around a bit too. Hopefully with more time/research and suggestions from readers like yourself (?), we can include more than we exclude on future lists. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Cyre

        Anything to make the website grow, man!


    Just wonder what a night of that would cost $$$$ ?A PLINKER

  • Hong

    Yo dog, my suggestion: Elizabeth AI-Quyen

  • guest

    “A guide to the hottest Asian women on Instagram”

    Seriously? So many of these “Asian girls” are half white. Its funny when people call half white girls “asian” lols


      i’ve never heard anybody have a problem with that or imply that if you’re mixed asian, you don’t count as asian. that’s how they do it where you’re from? in singapore? lols

  • Smartasses Magazine

    Couldn’t help but notice the comment “the 100 hot women list with the three asian girls, go on every other men’s site.” which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the ones you get beat over the head with, FHM, Maxim, and AskMen that include cartoons and men on their list, almost NEVER include Asian women, outside of Lucy Liu. However, if you want a *true* 100 Sexiest Women Alive list? Well, take a look at what we’ve been doing for a decade.

  • Just a guy gets my vote

  • Joe

    I guess all it takes to be “hot” is be asian, get breast implants..all these girls got no ass