Japanese fast food chain Lotteria’s latest anime collaboration is with the new Berserk film. The 1,000 Yen combo (about 12 bucks!) comes with a teriyaki burger, fries, drink, and a ‘clear file’ shown below.

Okay, so basically this shit is blowing my mind right now. Berserk is one of the rawest, darkest, anime/manga series I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about all kinds of rape. I mean, rape is probably the mildest thing in the series. Throw demon worship, bestiality, and all sorts of devilish beings with titties coming out of their foreheads into the mix. Oh whoops, spoiler alert, that doesn’t happen until after the movie trilogy wraps up. Now, picture tying your fast food establishment into that hardcore shit. Bewilderment, son!

The worst thing about it is, I’m such a fan, I want this stupid ass poster. Ugh. Anyway, peep the trailer for the movie if you haven’t done so already.

[via crunchy roll]

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  • JapanCinema

    Thats hilarious. Rape and fast food, finally join forces!

    • Dave