I’m not mad at girls who do their make up and pick more flattering angles when they take their selfies. Ay, do the photoshop thing too if you want. It’s your life and your pictures, do what makes you *~happy~*! But at the same time, don’t be surprised when you meet a dude, who only seen your pictures, for the first time and his knees buckle and he lets his face hit the pavement because he don’t wanna live anymore.

I don’t know how true this story is but apparently a dude in the Philippines took it to the next level (or bottom, bottom level) though and straight jumped six flights to his death upon meeting his online girlfriend. Witnesses say some of his last words were “Your skin is dark!” and “You deceived me for six years!”.

Cotdamn. Your skin is dark? Dude probably deserved it after making a statement like that. Anyway, this is what the girl had to say about it:

He said that I looked nothing like the pictures I posted online. I also did not know that my looks are that important to him. I thought that he would accept me even without my Instagram filters.

Thought wrong, son!

Again, the validity of this story is shaky but I’m posting anyway because the moral of the story is all too important: never, EVER bring the show Catfish to Asia.

[via weirdasianews via thephilippinetrend]

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