It happened to me once at the bus stop. I got down on one knee to tie a shoelace and I glanced up for a second to see if the bus was coming. A group of girls had stopped in front of me but all I could see was their bottom halves. So I slow played the shoe-tying, shooting quick glances at them, wondering the whole time if the top half matched the bottom. When I was finally done, I had the skeeviest little smirk on my face as I got up to see and almost immediately fell back down (had to grab onto the gate behind me for support). It was a bunch of highschool dudes wearing skinny jeans.

That’s why I don’t trust NONE OF YALL kids growing up today! (shaking my cane)

Youtube comedian FouseyTube decided to capture that moment for some hilarious results.

[youtube id=”wngsO-Z4n7A” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Guess we all deserve that for staring in the first place :(

[via shockmansion]

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