Selfies, selfies, selfies. They’re everywhere and it’s best to just embrace them. The one thing I don’t want to embrace is seeing people holding their phone up when they’re taking the mirror selfie. It’s something off-putting about seeing the actual device that makes you aware of the process. Then couple that with the awkwardness of ‘do I look into the mirror or the camera or…?’ or the ‘should I position the phone close to my chest or directly in front of my face or…?’ and it’s just the w o r s t. iStrategyLabs’s SELFIE (Self Enhancing Live Feed Imaging Engine) eliminates all that using a two-way mirror, Arduino-controlled LED lights, a mac mini, and a webcam. See for yourself:

Anyway, this isn’t happening in anybody’s mirror at home any time soon as it is only an experiment but I really hope it does. Aside from the aforementioned reasons, I’ve longed for a way to just walk up to my bathroom mirror every morning and keep a dedicated visual journal of misery.

[via theverge]

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