I found out about San Francisco-based artist Helice Wen through “Bad Dads”, an art show dedicated to Wes Anderson. Pretty much every participating artist killed it, but Wen’s art really stuck out to me. From my untrained eye, I could still see that it captured the vibe of Moonrise Kingdom (the Wes Anderson film the piece is based on) almost perfectly, with the young couple looking fragile but just as equally unapologetic. After checking out more of her work, I reached out and she said she might be down to do a feature sometime in the future.

Half a year later and it’s finally about that time. Wen has a solo exhibition called “Between Lost and Found”  opening this Saturday at the Modern Eden Gallery. Read on as we discuss preparing for the show, thoughts on art school, and her personal connection with the aforementioned Wes Anderson tribute.

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