If you grew up watching Back to the Future, then you must know that the hoverboard was the shit. It was an ingenious concept and a creative depiction of future technology. And growing up as a kid you believe what you saw on television or in the movies, and you’d hope that one day that hoverboard would become a reality. Now, HUVr Tech has actually created one and put out a marketing video on YouTube to introduce the wonders of this product.

Upon first watching the video, titled “BELIEF”, honestly I was all hyped up about the ingenuity of the technology we have to finally create this thing of beauty. They had all these celebrity muscles to back this product: Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens, ScHoolboy Q, and of course the god himself Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Emmett Brown!! But like any viral videos, many are claiming that it might be a hoax.

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Unfortunately, Gizmodo confirmed that the viral marketing stunt was in fact a fake. It is a cruel joke for die hard fans of the trilogy, like myself, who believed the hoverboard was legit and with that being said, here is a meme for playing with our childhood dreams/emotions.

liam neeson meme



  • von graff

    The thing doesn’t started right starting with where is Michael J. Fox (maybe it was a good thing for him, since this is a harsh hoax), and why claim in such way this was real, since it never was? Yeah it gathered the public attention, but at price of a slap in BTTF fans belief’s…

    But still, I can’t understand how we can’t have hover boards, at least in controlled places, with appropriate floor and using magnetism principle and such things, in a user friendly way…

    • Al

      I totally feel you. Definitely was a slap to my face. What really got me was at the end with Christopher Lloyd. He looked like he was about to choke up and get emotional about this “accomplishment.” That was good acting.