Magic: The Gathering was the tits back in the day. Not for me, but I remember my brother and his friends had their decks ready. I almost got into it but I think Sega Genesis hypnotized me and then I started rollerblading my ass off for no reason. But I still remember hitting the comic book store and looking at the rare cards through the glass, admiring the art, imagining the stories behind them. I’m sure other people have a much deeper, fonder memory of it, actually playing through it. But that’s all I’ve got. So, for the real fans out there, how do ya’ll feel about Hollywood adapting the card game as a movie series? I seen one point made on the source site wondering if it would be about the fantasy story or people actually playing the game on some Yu-Gi-Oh shit. Or let’s talk about our (not really) glory days rollerblading and playing sega. Always down for that.

[via kotaku]

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