Came across this interesting article where they analyzed the tweets of an Japanese pornstar around tax time.

As Hina Kurumi, under which she starred in such AV features as “Max Girls 6″ (she in “8″) and “School Days,” the actress picked up 6,381,500 yen between December 15, 2007 and July 15, 2009. Over a similar time period, from October 15, 2010 to February 15 of this year, she performed under her present name, whereby she deftly delivered the goods in a cage scene in “Deprived of dark desire: A woman and daughter in despair,” and her income nearly doubled to 11,853,000 yen.

Sana’s best month was August of last year, when she was the subject of uncensored filming and pulled in a whopping 3,120,000 yen. Of that accumulated 18,234,500 million yen, she estimates that 3,930,000 yen remains as savings.

Not bad, but they pointed out that it comes out to around the same as an office worker, numbers-wise. That doesn’t account for being alienated from family and all the wild humiliating shit they gotta do in the actual films (refer to this old article I wrote).

The story’s conclusion?

“In conclusion, working only for money won’t last long,” she says. “The money will always disappear. The important thing is is to find a desirable job.” (K.N.)

Mind you shit’s probably different for the most popular names, but she’s not exactly a D-list chack either. Anyways, yeah.

[via tokyoreporter]

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