Illmind is one of the coolest producers in the music biz. He’s worked with 50 cent, Kanye, and all your other favorite rappers but he’s not too big to offer aspiring producers some help. He’s always making himself available on Twitter and Formspring but now he’s offering 1 on 1 Online Consulting sessions. Details below:

llmind is now offering 1 on 1 video chat consulting sessions to aspiring producers. Many questions still go un-answered when dealing with a career in Music Production. Are my beats “industry” ready? Am I formatting my tracks correctly? Do they sound professional enough, sonically? Who do I send my beats to, and how can I find these people? What exactly is publishing, and what am I entitled to? With your 1 on 1 online consulting service, you can do everything and anything you need to do. Play certain beats and receive constructive and helpful criticism/tips. Ask those questions you’ve always seeked answers to. !llmind hopes to help answer these questions for you, and help you overcome that “aspiring-producer-road-block”┬áthat we ALL eventually come face to face with.

– $100 for a 30 Minute private video chat session with !llmind (max 2 hours per session), via Google Video Chat.
– The nature of all questions MUST be music production/music business related.
– Sessions are in NO way an alternative to “legal advice” of any kind.

Take your music production career to the next level and sign up for a session today!
Contact to schedule an appointment.

Honestly, $100 for 30 minutes might seem like a lot but that kind of attention is invaluable. Good dude right here that never forgot his humble beginnings.
Also, I asked if you have to keep your shirt on during sessions. He hasn’t answered that, will keep you posted. #notgay