I wouldn’t recommend playing this too loudly in your whip if you’re goin to work or running errands because you will suddenly find three girls in the backseat, and then you got Gucci shades on, and you’re headed to the beach with the top down when your car don’t even usually do that. Jinbo the Superfreak turned Girl’s Generation pop anthem “Gee” into some certified smooth pimp shit.

Honoring his Korean roots, Jinbo decided to unleash his new song “Damn,” which is a reinterpretation of Girls Generation’s hit “Gee,” in order to prepare the world for his upcoming mixtape KRNB. The project is set to deliver a unique fusion of classic and contemporary R&B with Korean pop music. Accordingly, “Damn” is a sensual and soulful response to the dance and electropop elements of the original. KRNB will be available for free download via Jinbo’s Bandcamp on August 29.

Shit, there’s more on the way?

[via hypetrak]