Y’all probably don’t need me to tell you what caps are hot and which caps are garbage. You probably have your own taste in style and as for me, I don’t even know if we’re seeing the rise or the fall of the now-ubiquitous snapback. (I’m saying we’ll be back to fitteds before you know it.) But I thought it would be a public service if I, right here on this blog, made y’all aware of this absolutely gorgeous¬†Jordan Brand Dream Team throwback snapback that you can buy right now. All I know is that if I were catching a Olympic basketball game in London, this is what I’d be wearing. They’d go well with these shoes, yeah?


Available as a Japanese import for about $70, but should be available soon at a more acceptable price where Jordan brand stuff is sold.


[Amazing Store via Freshness]

  • Dave

    that shit is fiyah