Have you ever been in a situation where somebody is talking and you wanted to shoot them dead silent? Of course, you have! Well, a researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has created this technology.

The ‘gun’ works by using a microphone to pick up the sound and then relay it back 0.2 seconds later. This has an unusual effect on the human brain, confusing it so much that it makes speaking impossible.

The combination of the sound of your own voice and the echo shuts down the part of your brain responsible for conducting speech, rendering you mute. This is called Delayed Auditory Feedback, and although it causes no physical damage, is still an unpleasant experience.

The article goes on to say that this could seriously violate our freedom of speech rights. But I was thinking on a more day to day level, like a mugging or even worse, a rape situation. Yikes! Then, I thought about those ‘check out my mixtape’ guys in the city and now I’m torn.

[via zdnet]

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