Amidst all the Korea/Japan/China tension, it’s good to know there are still moments like this.

Yesterday in Hongdae, three Japanese guys were preparing something and people gathered around. People there wondered aloud ‘Ah.. I don’t like Japanese people, I don’t want to hear Japanese, they might say something crazy again…’ before their performance started. People did not quite understand the Japanese but then they started to sing in English about how they like Korea and want the both countries to get along. ‘Let’s love each other’ was what they said and they sang and sang with such glee that even the people who were skeptical were eventually won over and they received a round of applause.



It’s easy to get caught up in some FUCK THIS COUNTRY shit when you’re living in a nation where it’s mostly the same people, but I find that once dudes get to know each other, we find we’re not that different. I don’t know, man. There’s a lot of shit to post about right now with people in China getting pulled out of their cars and beaten up just for driving a Japanese brand, but I’d rather post these stories. Look how happy these guys are.

[via koreabang]