Hey kids, BEING SMART IS COOL. Japanese scientist Shinichi Mochizuki just cracked the most complex mathematical theory like a BAWSE.

In late August, Mochizuki published four papers on his website showing how he had cracked the theory. The 500-page paper detailing his method is included in a series of PDFs titled “Teichmuller Theory.”

The theory that Mochizuki was trying to prove was the “abc conjecture” introduced by British mathematician David Masser, along with France’s Joseph Oesterle, in 1985.

The conjecture states that for integers a+b=c, the square free part always has a minimum value greater than zero (0) and nearly always is not much smaller than one (1).

I tuned out when they tried to explain what the theory was because math literally makes my brain hurt. In high school, I took this one math class three times in a fucking row. Every time, my classmates were younger, felt like I was trapped in time. DON’T JUDGE ME, I WRITE SENTENCES BETTERER THAN YOU.

Anyway, nah this is amazing although they still have to go through his shit and see if it checks out. Word. I’ll get some scientist/mathematician/smartypants people for an interview on this site soon!

[via weirdasianews]

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