So, you know how it’s inevitable that we’re all going to live in pods one day and interact with each other via webcam only (yes, my vision of the future is similar to Wall-E’s but I’m so excited)? Well, Yahoo Japan just debuted an app that might cause some worry.

The iOS app allows you to take pretty much a picture with any face, whether it be an animal, celebrity or cartoon character, and it will superimpose it on a live video of your face.The resulting video or picture can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

If that doesn’t worry you, keep watching because dude is all optimistic-like talking ’bout, we’re going to develop this more so that you can chat anonymously, “for example, a man can join in video chat using a pretty woman’s face.” CATFISH, BRO?! HA! We ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

[via ax3battery]

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