Son, I can’t believe I watched this whole shit. It’s not every day I’m going to encourage you to watch a hair or make up tutorial but every once in a while, it’s good to peek into a woman’s world to gain some perspective. Yo, peep all the time it takes to get that hair did and marvel at the technique. Ktown Reality Show‘s Jasmine Chang is really not playing. And when she wrapped the top pony tail around the lower bun? I had to get up out my chair and slow clap.

I remember I tried to do a pomp once. It was two years ago, when I had Jesus hair. I watched this music video and decided I could pull the shit off for Halloween. I used gel, hairspray, and Murray’s Beeswax, but I couldn’t get my hair to do what it do. I just looked like an asshole and then I had greasy ass hair for like three days straight. Whatever, watch this music video and tell me you don’t feel a burning passion rise up from within the Rockabilly heart you didn’t even know you had.

[via doobybrain]