If you don’t know what’s going on with China, Japan, and Korea, it’s madness. Sora Aoi is a Japanese ex-pornstar who’s recently become very popular in China so I guess she felt like she needed to say something.

With anti-Japanese sentiments increasing in China after the news, a former porn star with fervent following in China – Sola Aoi – recently attempted to calm the waters with her own powers. A megastar throughout Asia, Ms. Aoi boasts more than 13 million followers on Sina Weibo. Last Friday, Ms. Aoi wrote on her verified account on Sina Corp.’s Weibio microblogging service “I hope all of us regular people can have good relations…I am a regular person like all of you. Wounded…”, attaching an image of hand-painted Chinese characters that read “Japanese-Chinese friendship”. A new image with the words amended to “Friendship between Chinese and Japanese people” was posted after some of her fans protested over the initial message.

Word. I’m not mad at it but others are.

To be sure, some of the actress’s Chinese fans on the site supported her, in many cases by simply forwarding or repeating the call for friendship. Others, however, were more conflicted. “Although I like you and support your work, in the end I am Chinese,” one fan wrote in response. “On territorial disputes, I will never back down!”

“I deeply suspect you’re a spy,” wrote another, perhaps thinking of the Yoshiko Kawashima, a beguiling Manchurian princess who served as a spy for the Japanese during World War II and later became a celebrity in Japanese-occupied parts of China.

Many responded with outrage — often using language not fit to publish on a family-friendly news website – but an equal number seemed keen to enjoy Ms. Aoi and have their islands, too. “The Diaoyu islands belong to China, Sola Aoi belongs to the entire world,” went one commonly repeated refrain.

Anyway, Sora Aoi is mad hot. And word, we need a resolution here.

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