It seems like every brand X is collaborating with brand Y on almost anything these days. Do the end results even create something meaningful, inspiring, and worth while? Hear what the man behind one of sneaker culture’s most infamous collaborative products, the Nike Pigeon Dunk, has to say about the current influx of collaborations and what differentiates a good one from a bad one:


As soon as man could make things, man was collaborating.

When the first caveman discovered fire, one person found the wood, the other worked the flame. Centuries later, the blacksmith needed to work with the leathersmith in order to make that perfect belt. Long before the word “collaboration” or “colab” was invented, we were collaborating.

The reason is simple. As humans, we are adept at only a certain number of skill sets. Even so called “Renaissance people” are not masters at everything. Eventually we need help. There are two kinds of help: we can simply pay for the help, otherwise known as “work-for-hire,” or we can collaborate. When you collaborate, you’re basically saying, “Hey bro, I’m really good at X, but I suck at Y. You, on the other hand are really good at Y, but you’re miserable at X. If we come together, we might be able to do some amazing things!”

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