Streetwear/Design maven Jeff Staple held one of his 1-2-1 interview sessions at the Santa Monica Apple Store yesterday with none other than Wu-tang’s Abbot, the RZA himself. Now we all know how much the RZA fancies him some chess. Last time he made headlines, it was for challenging Chelsea Handler to a match. But how good is Staple? If anybody was at the event that took place yesterday, let us know what happened. Can a pigeon dunk smash overcome a killa bee sting? Yo son, I had crazy visions..

Check the short video out here


  • Chaba

    Hahaha..thats bad ass. <3

  • http://Website chad ocho

    i’d school this fool anyday in chess..

  • Dave

    which “fool” lol

  • http://Website chad ocho

    the RZA.
    and matter of fact.. ill call out chelsea handler for a chess match also… wax them all ya diggggg..

    probably not tho lol