Not exactly, but this might be the closest thing to it. NY rapper T. Shirt releases the latest visuals from a cut off his The Fuck album called “Success to Me”. And then pretty much out of nowhere, Jeff Staple starts adlibbing his verse?! For those of you who don’t know who that is, the OG’s resume is fatter than hippopotamus ass. So what’s the verdict? Yo, the hand gestures weren’t half as awkward as you’d imagine from somebody who’s more accustomed to rockin’ markers, then mics. And T. Shirt comes correct with the music. Thumbs up on this video!

My rapping debut! Hahah…not really though.
The lyrics actually come from one of my favorite up and coming MCs, T.Shirt.
On his latest album, The Fuck, he dropped a line that went “…the jeffstaple of rap, sweat shirt undefeated…rockin’ Reed shit…showin’ allegiance…” It was pretty dope.
Then I got an email from him one day that said, “I want you in the video actually SAYING that line.” The rest is history for you to enjoy (and laugh at!).”

[via stapledesign]