Does anyone here watch Jeopardy?

When I think of the show, I just picture folks in nursing homes posted up with TV dinners. I may be very wrong in my assumptions but the latest champ is giving a lot of people a reason to watch. Arthur Chu is on a four-game winning streak and is maintaining that by giving zero fucks! Let me explain, instead of going down the boards from $200 to $400 like we’re used to seeing, Chu is bouncing around the shit trying to find the daily doubles. That way he can either nab up as many points or stop his opponents from doing so. Also, he often interrupts Trebek on some ‘I could give a fuck what humorous quips or insightful asides you got, let me just get these points, brah’. On top of that, on top of that, he’s okay with winning in a tie. If you are unfamiliar with the show, these actions are unprecedented and simultaneously giving dedicated fans aneurysms. Here’s ya boy on CNN explaining where he picked up his strategy and responding to haters:

[youtube id=”W7J3Ewo_H9M” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Real talk, it’s definitely an asshole-ish way to play. But dude isn’t playing for your entertainment, he just wants to win and take home these chunkz. As long as he ain’t breaking any rules, I’m not mad at that. So eff yo game show and TV dinner. Bonus: here is Chu in an audition tape for King of the Nerds, just casually talking about how nerdy he is while playing with his rubik’s cube and then pointing out the lightsaber he got his wife when he proposed to her. I mean, you see how everyone’s trying to rep that geek/nerd life off watching a couple comic books and video games. Nah, this is the real deal. I laughed out loud when he talked about the missing generations of game consoles. This guy’s the man, yo. Tune in for his next Jeopardy appearance on February 24th.

[youtube id=”vxlv4iAt8vc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[via kotaku]

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