Post game reporter: “What’s a bigger story in New York right now, the Giants or Jeremy Lin?”
Mike D’Antoni: “Who (are the Giants)?”

With all this hype, let’s backtrack for a minute and figure out how we got here.

-Jeremy leads Palo Alto to a California State Championship in High School.
-Does not get recruited in his own state, does not receive a single D-1 scholarship offer.
-Holds his own at Harvard against future first rounder Kemba Walker, goes toe to toe in summer league against Number 1 overall pick John Wall.
-Does not get drafted and eventually ends up on the bench on his hometown Warriors.
-Gets more burn from the Warriors PR-Marketing team than from Coach Smart. Gets cut the next season.
-From pink slips and D-League demotions to shout outs from Spike Lee, it’s been a wild ride to the toast of Basketball Mecca.

Not that Jeremy’s complaining. Folks, this is exactly how the story was supposed to be written to this point. Nothing handed to him. Just guts and grittiness. Enduring “open your eyes!”, “sweet and sour pork” and “wonton soup” insults. It’s made him hungry. You can even hear the bafflement of Mike Breen calling these last two games: “It looks like EVEN his teammates don’t BELIEVE what they’re SEEING!”

Just a belief in God and belief in himself, and now Lin’s got the entire city and twitterverse going nuts. No, he’s not the second coming of Chris Paul or Steve Nash. But when Toney Douglas-Mike Bibby-Iman Shumpert are your starting point guards, Lin clearly brings leadership, flow and tempo to an offense that’s been non-existent for the entire season.

This story will continue to evolve. The Jeremy Lin of Taiwanese descent will stop becoming the circus sideshow. The novelty will eventually fade, expectations will inevitably grow, and opponents will start to have a target on his back. He will get exposed and have some bad games with shotty defense and too many turnovers. But that’s the point. This is about a guy overcoming doubters and seizing an opportunity that nobody was willing to give him. He just persevered long enough to take it from them. What he does with it going forward is a story we’ll have to wait to finish, but the fearlessness, determination and blue collar qualities Lin possess is something all New Yorkers can appreciate, Asian or not.

words by Charlie Hyun

From last night’s game against Utah.

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