Jeremy Lin after hitting the game winning three-pointer.

Words by Charlie Hyun


Wow…my head is about to explode.

Let’s be honest. Jeremy looked like a human looked like shit for 9/10ths of the night.

Couldn’t get by a Spaniard named Calderon (he’s not even Rubio!).

Committed 8 turnovers.

Looked like he was smoldered by a Toronto defense that was 9-20 coming into the game.

By the 4th quarter, the local New York bar where I was watching the game at was ready to disregard him as a bust and overhyped propaganda of NYC media.  

10 minutes later…


Jeremy Lin after hitting the game winning three-pointer.

I have never seen a crowd so energized and so proud to call him one of their own.

I have never seen so many tweets and status updates deleted so quickly.

Forget that he looked like he was going to collapse on any contact on a drive to the basket.

With a minute left in the game, with the game on the line, he persevered and willed his way to the cup for two points And 1 to tie the game.

With 19 seconds left, D’Antoni forgo-ed his last timeout and let Lin take the last shot for the win.

When Jeremy held the ball until he had 3 seconds on the clock, you knew this game was over.


His calm and steadiness overtook the moment, his confidence overexerted throughout Canada, Niagara Falls and beyond any US border.

Is it too easy to say this game was a microcosm of his basketball career in a nutshell? Playing overwhelmed and uninspired, everybody was ready to write him off. When it mattered most though, he came through and excelled in crunch time. He’s got a lot of work to do, especially in the turnover department and the matador defense he displayed at times. But tell me his heart and tenacity to take over the game is not paralleled to KG, Kobe or MJ when it really comes down to it (Yeah, I said it). There’s no other way “Linsanity” lasts. It’s about all the intangibles people initially overlooked him for, and for all the intangibles that eventually got him to this surreal reality. Let the ride continue.

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    When he motioned Tyson Chandler to stay back because he was taking the isolation play. When he slowly dribbled up to the three point line like prey stalking its next meal.
    Jeremy has no fear because he is humble. He is humble because he gave his life to Christ…