Money Mayweather’s $100,000 betting slips and Congressman Pacquaio’s political ambitions are the circus acts grabbing all the boxing headlines these days, but Korean boxers once thrilled the sport with their own flair for drama. Si-Hun Park’s robbery of Roy Jones Jr.’s Gold Medal in the ’88 Olympics, Duk-Koo Kim’s tragic death after his epic title bout – it seemed like the sport and its Korean brethren were destined for a perfect marriage of excitement and chaos.

Enter Ji-Hoon “Volcano” Kim, lightweight contender at age 25. With a maniac, attacking style of manga boxer Ippo, and a father figure trainer reminiscent of Micky from Rocky, “Volcano” has all the right ingredients to leave his mark as one of the great Korean boxers of all time.  We hit up Ji-Hoon to get his story before his main event fight against undefeated lightweight Alisher Rahimov. Here’s five reasons why you should look out for the “Volcano” Friday.

Words by Charlie Hyun (twitter @mrcharliehyun)

  • Amy

    Nice. Looking forward to the fight!

  • http://Website Joe

    Fun fighter to watch.
    Looks like he should be in a K-Drama? Lol.