Just got word about this party going on tonight in NYC. Looks like fun. From the facebook event:

Chocolates, flowers, dinners, and unguaranteed sex are qualities corporate America tie to Valentine’s Day to shake fat off our pockets. But before succumbing to conventional outings (or sobbing as a single), join Essentic and Spotlight this Saturday, as we take your eardrums out of the stratosphere with Spacex, and help you settle into your weekend.

Expect an evening festooned with body-tingling tunes from the realms of funk, new jack swing, hip-hop, lovers rock, soul, R&B, house, and dubstep. Leading the pack is Seoul’s R&B/soul sensation Jinbo, winner of the 2010 Korean Music Awards for R&B/soul album of the year, who will get the crowd immersed with original tracks and a live performance set.

Accompanied by Queens representative DJ T*O*N*Y, who’ll sink the attendees with thugged-out love jingles, and Lost Boy, a Lower East Side resident who most recently made his DJ debut, the night entails a music-driven vibe with panty chasing motive.

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