This is pretty incredible. First, here are the details:

Jinro soju’s landslide victory over a long roll of better-known global liquor giants might be something of a shock: the local Korean distilled rice liquor manufacturer outsold runner-up Smirnoff vodka more than twofold, the latter falling considerably short with 24.70 million cases sold.

And though we all like an underdog success story, believe it or not, this isn’t even Jinro soju’s inaugural or record-breaking win — it’s the untoppled eleventh.

What’s more, Jinro sold 75.99 million cases in 2008.
That means that based on numbers from the last few years, 2011 actually marks a new low in sales.
Wow! So, will we start seeing those green bottles everywhere?

Pricing aside, soju’s explosive popularity is also mind-boggling when you take the actual taste into consideration.

“Soju tastes like rubbing alcohol,” said one foreigner who declined to give his name. “I don’t know how Koreans drink it.”


Ha! Yeah, I’m not even mad at what dude said. It’s love/hate for Koreans too, sometimes. But the marketing is undeniable.

[via cnngo]


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