Not many guys were checking for Justin Chon. There’s nothing¬†wrong with getting that teen vampire money (he came into prominence as Eric Yorkie in the Twilight franchise), but as a dude it was hard getting into it.

But the claw-and-fang love triangles is over and it’s on to bigger and better things, namely, a lead role in wild boy comedy 21 And Over from the creators of The Hangover. Yeah, shit got real.

So, we got on the horn with Chon and had a cool conversation about everything from Asians not letting him be great to being weary of Hollywood remakes of Asian flicks. We also played Fuck, Marry, Kill but with all prominent Asian dudes, because why not? So read on, get acquainted with the man. No IDs necessary for this one. And no fucks was given.

As told to @rekstizzy

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