Looks like the producers of the K-town reality show are moving on to exploit other Asian races. Ha! Peep the new casting call:

Casting Asian Americans for 3 new reality shows…

The producers of THE K-TOWN REALITY SHOW are looking for colorful, attractive, and lively Asian Americans to be cast into 3 different reality shows that will be set in the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino communities within the greater Los Angeles area. These spin-offs will be launched by Electus, DIGA and HQ Productions, the companies that produced such hit shows like MTV’s THE HILLS and JERSEY SHORE, VH1’s MOB WIVES, and FASHION STAR on NBC.

We are looking for Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino individuals, both males and females, who are between the ages of 18 and 32 with strong personalities and unique life stories. You do not need to be currently residing in Los Angeles to apply.

Please send your headshots/photos and a cover letter with a brief description about yourself to Be sure to specify which of the three shows you want to be a part of and explain why you think you’ll be a great candidate. Include basic contact information such as name, age, phone number, email, current residence, and any other bits of interesting information that’ll set you apart from everyone else.

All I gotta say to people interested in submitting apps is: not everyone can be Jamie Chung. Reality show stardom might be the worst kind of stardom, unless your shit really takes off and you’re rollin’ in Jersey Shore money, and then it’s kind of worth it. Kind of. Which show are you most interested in? Or are you disappointed they’re not looking for Japanese people?

Anyway, el oh el at the flick they posted up with the notice:

[via angryasianman]

  • Hana

    Im disappointed they’re not looking for Japanese people! Or I guess it’s a blessing.

  • Method.S.

    What about a casting call for people from India!!!? 😀

    BTW it’s funny they included a Philippine Mural image with past president Aquino in it!~ getting historical on ya