Young Magazine is a popular magazine in Japan that features manga series like Initial D and scantily clad women. I know, it’s great. But the latest issue has been delayed because of a flick with AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi. The reason? Homegirl is posing topless with a little kid covering her nipples with his tiny hands. The always dependable Taiwanese animation news covers the story here with the controversial photo.

Yeah cot damn, what were they thinking? Angels, apparently.

Japanese manga artist Yoshinori Kobayashi, however, thought the image used religious painting iconography, namely the Virgin Mary and an angel, and that it was odd the photo was being dubbed child abuse in Japan.

The boy in the image looks Caucasian, and in Japanese visual culture, Caucasian children are often used to represent angels. However, the decision to use a non-Japanese child “others” the child in the photo, which could be why the photographer, Kasai, her manager, and the publisher thought the photo was okay. You have to wonder if such a photo would have been taken with a Japanese child.

Ehhhhh… anyway, the publisher says they’ll replace the flick but you know that shit was a publicity stunt. Bet money her new photobook (which features the photo as its cover) will sell out.

[via kotaku]

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