Last week’s Kero One show was fucking great. Queens’ emcees Budah rapped his ass off, never skippin’ a beat. MUGSHOT ripped it solo dolo and then brought the energy levels to a new high alongside his Deep Foundation crew + Hydroponiks for “Children of the Sun”. Rekstizzy came out spewing beer a la Triple H entrance, then proceeded to make love to the crowd. Headliner Kero One brought that Cali flava over to the east coast with the help of his friend Suhn and this amazing Saxophone homie (whose name escape me at the moment, but we shall add a note as soon as I find out). And Jeni Suk… those youtube videos don’t even do her justice. Amazing and beautiful. Cotdamn, a mufucka bout to shed tears. Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to Jkey and Sammy over at Essentic for letting us be a part of the event. Can’t forget DJ Nak, who manned the wheels of steel throughout the night, did the damn thing!

Photography by AnRong Xu.












































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  • Droseph Stylin

    *hydroponikz. =)

  • daewooparts

    this show was sooooo fckn dope !!