When I first met Kero One back in 2009, it was the NYC stop for the Epik High Map the Soul tour. He was a humble dude and I really didn’t know what to expect from his set. But when the Bay Area artist got on stage, he was rapping, playing piano, and just performing! Later when I did a little more research on him, I found out he had a bunch of heat rocks (including personal fave “Conversate” with past Gumship feature Choice37) and was big in Japan, word to Chan.

Since then, the jazz-hop aficionado has continued to produce good, honest music and tour the world (justĀ performing, dawg). Don’t take our word for it, ask living legend Stevie Wonder who recently invited him to rock with him for a benefit. Crazy. That’s why we’re excited to be co-hosting an event with Essentic in NYC next Monday at Drom. But before all that, get to know some of his classics right here, right now. This is Kero One, essential listening, in his own words.

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  • anon

    great insight from an artist i LOVE!