This is the type of shit that makes me glad youtube wasn’t around when I was younger. This kid is basically me as a youth. The clip might actually be a joke (you never can tell these days), but when I was younger, I truly believed I could potentially fly and blow up shit by shooting energy beams from my palms. Only reason I didn’t go around destroying buildings was because I knew you had to train relentlessly to get to that level. Us Asian kids never took Gokou’s lifestyle lightly. But there came a time when my back was against the wall. I don’t remember what the situation was (this was in elementary school), but there were three kids against one of me. I knew if I tried to fight ’em with my bare fists, it would’ve been a wrap for me. I had to disintegrate them with a high power energy blast. Naturally. In light of what I said earlier about not having completed the necessary training, any anime/manga fan also knows how these talents can surface at serious times of distress. Even in real life, there are many stories of like housewives lifting cars to save a crushed child, etc. So I took my bookbag and jacket off, real slow, holding their gaze the whole time. They were all smirking, one of them had their arms folded, real confident on some ‘what do you think you’re doing, it’s three against one’. I pulled my hands back near my waist and formed a cup to house all the energy that was about to form in my palms. I started to power up. Came out as a weak gurgle at first, but you could hear the seriousness in my voice. “Eeeeeeehhhh…. neeeeehhhh…. ruhhhhhhh….. giiiiiiiiii” (I watched the Korean version of DBZ growing up, so that was our ‘kamehameha’ chant). These guys started looking at each other because they weren’t sure what to do in this situation. Me, I just look pissed the fuck off trying to charge up this fireball (only other time I made that facial expression was two years ago, when I accidentally took an Immodium AD and was constipated for a week). “Eeeeeehhhh…. neeeeehhhh…. ruhhhhhhh….. giiiiiiiiii”. This fireball was coming bruh! I even believe a strong breeze started blowing coincidentally, adding to the drama. These guys start looking at each other uncomfortably and just as I’m about to release all hell on these fools, their cowardly hearts got the best of them and they make a run for it. I couldn’t believe that shit. I stood upright, caught my breath, then I headed to the deli and copped a quarter drink, the blue one. I don’t know man. Sometimes, I wish they stayed because now we’ll never know if I’m Super Saiyan or not.

“Anything you set your mind to, your mind can create that force, because your mind is a powerful machine”.

Spoken like a young Rza lol.

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    “ah AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!’ ROFL this dude got me rolling!

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    … somebody slap him. lollll.