You know all those ‘this looks like porn’ type photos with like trees with openings in their trunk shaped like a vag or some rock formation that look like two titties? I could’ve probably jerked off to those as a youth because porn wasn’t as easy to come by (heh, I said ‘come by’). But nowadays, that shit’s everywhere with the pop ups and it’s more annoying than anything. So why did this kid get excited by a stone sculpture of a pussy and just dive in it? Don’t tell me he did it just for laughs. Look at his face, he’s clearly in a state of bliss.


Official details: So, the kid is an exchange student from America living in Germany and the giant-size fleshlight is called the Chacán-Pi (Making Love) by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara. To pull him out, a total of 22 rescue workers got together and I guess they had a young conference or something. But they eventually got him out just by tugging on him a bit. Pause, pause, pause.

Lesson of the day, I guess even with all the porno out there, some kids still very excitable. But yo, Sword in the Stone is a Disney movie, not a way of life. Carry on, ya’ll.

[via angryasianman]

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  • Swaggy P

    the thirst is real with this one…