I still can’t believe it. Kim Jong-il is dead.

Who are we going to make fun of now?

Kim Jong-un is too easy. He reminds me of one of those chubby, but happy-go-lucky kids at the gym who’s always wearing flip flops and bouncing a basketball by himself in the corner. He might tug on his shirt every five minutes to release it from sticking to the sweat on his skin. I don’t know, maybe afterwards, he walks home by himself and yells at his mom for misplacing his snacks. Shit like that.

I could see it in his face right now, even as he’s scowling, lil dictator homie just wants to smile.

Hey bro, you got something on your nose…

I’m serious! I wouldn’t lie to you, man…

Got em!

See? He’s just an actual Kung Fu Panda.

Kim Jong-il, on the other hand, was just brutal. We don’t even need to go into all his war crimes. Just look at his skin and tell me that ain’t the same materials as the evil Sith Emperor lord in Star Wars.

You need to make fun of a guy like that. Here’s a look back at some of the best portrayals of the henny-sippin’ communist.

Bobby Lee on MADtv

Bobby’s Kim Jong-il is always correcting people. In real life, best believe everyone knew their role. Probably still got shot though.

Horatio Sanz on SNL

I’m convinced everything coming out of Horatio Sanz’ is accurate Korean.

Danny Cho on “eHarmony”

Who says the dictator never tried to find love?

Margaret Cho on 30 Rock

There are longer scenes with Margaret playing “dear leader” but this one is hilariously to-the-point.

Rex Lee in The Adoption Agency


Trey Parker on Team America

Well, that explains everything.


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