Kim Jong Un is Latest in Before and After Plastic Surgery Mania

Published On January 28, 2013 | By Dave | humor, news

Before and After plastic surgery photos are always fun to look at. I remember the first time I seen them was in Junior high or high school when they started to get passed around through AOL mail and instant messages. They popped up again when I used to write for my college campus Asian publications and was a really popular feature. I seen another resurgence recently on the internet. My point is, although it’s always ‘shocking’ and amusing to look at, it’s nothing new.


Usually these flicks are of Asian celebrities (mostly kpop stars) but today, it’s North Korea’s own biggest celeb, Kim Jong Un!

I know you can’t be famous or on TV for that matter without ‘correcting’ at least an earlobe in Korea but I didn’t know it went for the North Koreans as well.

North Korea’s official statement:

“The false report… released by enemies is a hideous criminal act which the party, state, army and people can never tolerate,” the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in a commentary Wednesday.

HA HA! U maaaaaaaaaaaaadd!

Side note: if anyone ever tries to badmouth me, I’m definitely going to use the same “hideous criminal act which the party, state, army and people can never tolerate” language. Incredible.

[via koream]

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