No, not really. But his doppelganger is making a killing out there.

Manchu Tuan wasn’t aware of the resemblance until a customer asked if he could pose for a picture. Instead of getting offended, Manchu told the customer he would oblige if dude bought one of the kebabs he was selling. He sold two. Shortly after, Manchu realized there was something there.

“I got a picture of Kim Jong Un and had myself dressed up to look like him and had my hair done, and after that business was booming,” he added.

His stand has gotten so popular that he’s had to hire an extra guy to cook while he poses for pictures. LULZ.









I could look at these photos all day. Ironic how much joy it brings me. If you’re ever in Shenyang, take a flick!

[via chinabang via nydailynews via express]