If America’s favorite pastime comfort food and Korea’s staple side dish did the fusion dance together, you get exactly that, a Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Chef  Youngsun Lee’s creative take on this American classic will give your tongue palette a rather interesting experience of east and west flavors. The grilled cheese contains  house kimchi, sharp cheddar and charred scallions sandwiched between two slices of sweet chocolate bread with a side of napa slaw. Queens food connoisseur, Joe DiStefano, has it on point with the description of the grilled cheese and how I would imagined it would taste like:

Gooey cheese and kimchi spill out of the sides forming a new flavor sensation: kimcheese, which is greater, and tastier, than the sum of its parts. Korean-American Chef Youngsun Lee’s creation is  a flavor bomb of a grilled cheese with the sharp cheddar and sour spicy kimchi playing nicely against the sweet toasty bread.

Is your mouth watering up or what? Checkout Kickshaw at Astoria and while you’re there, let us know how their Kimchi Lasagna taste.

[via chopsticksandmarrow]